About Kung Fu San Soo

Why learn KUNG FU SAN SOO over any other Martial Art?


KUNG FU SAN SOO is not a fad or sport.  It has been the Mother Art of Martial Arts for thousands of years using not just punches and kicks or leverages and throws, but all parts of the body and the mind.  All this is done in perfect rhythm and directed to effective targets of the body.  These techniques can be changed instantly, depending on your situation.  KUNG FU SAN SOO gives you extreme power, agility, balance, coordination, and long term wellness both mentally and physically.


Master Jim is proud to teach his adult students and children this "2,000 year old art" developed by the monks in Southern China to protect their monastery and loved ones.  KUNG FU SAN SOO is known as the most effective fighting system in the world.  Hence, it is the system taught to our Navy Seals.


Inducted and honored in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his work with special needs children, Master Jim has developed an "age appropriate" version of San Soo for the children.  This version still encompasses the basics of the art and supports strong family values along with learning life skills and virtues.  This discipline is vital to successful KUNG FU SAN SOO and to live a well balanced and fruitful life.



Kung Fu San Soo was brought to the United States by Jimmy H. Woo in the 1930’s.  He taught only to Chinese natives in China Town of Los Angeles until 1959 when he decided to teach Americans.



When we combine the five families together we have the art of Kung Fu San Soo.  This makes it one of the most powerful arts in existence today.

TSOI GA = Punches & Kicks

LI GA = Leverages & Throws

HUNG GA = Power & Form

HOI GA = Nerves & Pressure Points

FUT GA = Mind Over Body


Kung Fu San Soo and your child

PHD Martial Arts has the highest rated program for children in the Western United States, including programs for ADD and ADHD, Aspergers', Spectrum disorders, self defense against bullies, and more.


James Matthews' program is vigorously designed in conjunction with child counselors and pediatricians to provide social, physical, and emotional growth.  He works hand in hand with schools and teachers to ensure academic progress and provide improved self-discipline, confidence, focus and goal-setting skills.


About James Matthews

Master James Matthews is an 8th degree Black Belt.  He began his journey in San Soo in 1980.  Inspiration from Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo has made the art a way of life for Master James.

As a professional bodyguard for celebrities and the State of California, Master James has provided protection for top musicians and witnesses in the Witness Protection Program and has facilitated Supervised Visitations.  He has taught the art to many people and is actively involved in many communities surrounding his school.

Master James was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2007 for his dedicated work with children.


More About San Soo


Eight Stances...

Two Blocks...

Four Kicks...

A Few Moments To Learn...

A Lifetime To Master...


Kung-Fu San Soo is a five-family system representing the different fighting aspects of the art.

Tsoi Ga - the family of punches and kicks.

Li Ga - the family of leverages and throws.

Hoi Ga - the family of pressure points.

Fut Ga - representative of mind over body.

Hung Ga - the family of power.


With the combination of the five families you have The Ancient Chinese Art of Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung or: Kung Fu San Soo.  Kung Fu San Soo is recognized throughout the martial arts world as one of the most devastating and effective fighting systems today.


Kung Fu San Soo is a Southern style of Chinese hand-to-hand combat which incorporates all aspects of self-defense and was developed and refined over thousands of years. It is the means by which a person may become well versed in the use of his hands, mind and body to defend himself against any eventuality.


San Soo utilizes the hard and soft, linear and circular, internal and external, mental and physical. Where all martial arts basically use the same techniques, the difference lies in how they are used. Instead of limiting yourself by specializing in one concept, by utilizing Kung Fu San Soo, you will become well balanced in all aspects of combat.


San Soo's time tested techniques are based on a combination of punches, kicks, strikes and blocks done in perfect rhythm and directed to vital points of the body. These techniques can be changed instantly to suit the situation and do not necessarily follow a set pattern; this is the essence of Kung Fu San Soo.