My daughter was 9 and having major social problems in school when she started attending Master James’ classes at PHD Martial Arts.  She also had major focus issues and severe ADHD.  After 3 years, I am proud to say, she has not only improved in ALL areas involving school, friends, and attitude at home, but she has outstanding character, motivation, and amazing kung fu skills.  Not to mention, she can protect herself from being a victim, which is extremely important being a young lady.  Hard work and dedication “at home at school and everywhere she goes” ~ something learned at Kung Fu with Master James’ direction has definitely paid off!
— Stacey Councilman
Not only is he sharing this amazing martial art with me, but Master Jim has become one of my best friends. My children and my nieces also study Kung Fu San Soo at PHD martial arts. I recommend the school to everyone I know.
— John C Chelonis
Not only has PHD martial arts given me confidence and a sense of discipline, but I now have great friends and even better mentors! Thank you Master Jim for everything!
— Chris Dicker
Practicing Kung Fu San Soo has helped both our children with focus, commitment and perseverance, in addition to the excellent physical benefits it provides. The Virtues of the Month curriculum has really made an impact with our kids. We were so impressed with the children’s classes that we both joined the adult class and have enjoyed the skills and techniques we have learned. As a woman and a mother of young children, I am particularly thankful for the confidence this art, and particularly Master Jim’s instruction, have built in me.
— Sarah Richards
My children and I all go to PHD Martial Arts Kungfu San Soo. The team there has not only fixed so many things in my kids lives and heads without even knowing it, they have also given us a sense of purpose. Nobody there is temperamental or competitive. They treat us as if we are family. We smile together laugh talk and fight. But always stay on the positive. We’ve even seen each others blood sweat and tears. I could not ask for a better kung fu san soo master than Master James Mathews. or team mates. PHD Martial arts completes our little family.
— Amy Janea Greene